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Investment Projects
Twenty-eight auto parts projects of MINTH Group kicked off
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On the occasion of the concentrated launch ceremony of expanding the effective investment across Zhejiang Province on the morning of July 10, Wuxing District held at the High-tech Zone the groundbreaking ceremony for auto parts production projects of MINTH Group, together with another 27 projects. With a total investment of 2 billion yuan and covering an area of 422 mu, MINTH Group is scheduled to produce 1.2 million sets of auto parts per year after buying injection molding machines, OCD testers and other equipment from overseas. Upon completion, it will generate sales of 2 billion yuan and profit and tax of 400 million yuan for MINTH Group.

  These 28 projects involve industrial development, social development, infrastructure and many other sectors. The total investment for 17 industrial projects and 11 projects concerning service sector, social development and infrastructure amounts to 7.88 billion yuan and 16.92 billion yuan respectively. Their construction is expected to spawn a new wave of project construction at Wuxing District, injecting a new vitality to its economic and social development.

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