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Carry out “three walks-into and three services” program
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  On Sept.18th, Ma Xiaohui, secretary of CPC Huzhou Municipal Committee, led his team to carry out the “three walks-into and three services” program, specifically investigating the pig production and pork supply. Tao Shimei, group leader of the fifth provincial guidance group of theme education, and Huzhou city leader Xu Zhongyi participated in the investigation.
  In recent days, the epidemic African swine fever and the cyclical adjustment have caused a sharp decrease of, pork production and a sharp rise in pork price nationwide. In view of this, city has taken active measures. On the morning of Sept.18th, Ma visited Hongfeng Farmer’s Market in Wuxing District, stopped from time to time to talk with pork sellers and deli owners about pork prices, supply channels, daily sales, etc. Along the walk, he advised the relevant departments and director of the market to strengthen market supervision and spare no effort in ensuring sufficient supply and stable prices of pork.
  During the “staying true to our founding mission” theme education campaign, departments at all levels across the city should deepen the “three services” (referring to services for development, for the public and for communities) through getting into the obstacles in enterprise development, pain points for people’s livelihood and difficulties in communities, Ma said. We should get close to the public and listen to their suggestions, then take concrete measures to cope with difficulties, staying true to our original aspiration and missions in practice.

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