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Huzhou Zhebei Hotel
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Huzhou Zhebei Hotel


Address: No. 507 South Street, Huzhou downtown area

Tel: 0572-2058888-6697

Fax: 0572-2021573

Hotel overview:

  Zhebei Hotel is located in downtown Huzhou. It provides 229 rooms, 7 entertainment items and 8 different kinds of meeting rooms. Besides, its restaurant can accommodate 1, 200 persons. It also runs a high-end restaurant characterized by Huzhou flavor – Phoenix Villa Restaurant. After many years of development, the hotel has become a four-star business hotel, whose main business is about commerce and conference reception.

  The hotel consists of Yingbin building and the VIP building with a total business area of 40, 000 square meters. Bright, clean, and well-furnished, the guest rooms include the presidential suites, the luxury suites, the business rooms, the standard rooms and the single rooms. The large conference center at the 3rd floor can hold various conferences. There are numerous programs in the Entertainment and Sports Center at the 4th floor that are provided with high-end equipment and facilities. The fifth and the sixth floor are the dining area, which is full of cultural characteristics and rich in comfortable spatial atmosphere, can hold all kinds of banquets, conferences and artistic performances.

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