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Landison Resort Huzhou
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Address: No. 288 Meizhou Road, Tai Lake Tourism Resort

Tel: 0572-2136688 

Fax: 0572-2136666

Hotel overview:

  Landison Resort Huzhou is located in the south bank of Taihu Lake. Developed by ZheJiang Jiaye Real Estate Ltd., the hotel occupies an area of 120 mu and a building area of nearly 40, 000 square meters. The hotel lies in the center of Tai Lake Tourism Resort and it’s fifteen minutes’ drive to downtown Huzhou.

    Owning the 600-meter-long lake view line, the hotel has a 5-story-tall main building in the shape of a ship. Its grandeur and modern modeling just remind us of a deluxe vessel anchoring the south bank of the Tai Lake.

      90% of the green in the hotel, coupled with the beautiful Taihu lake, formed a natural green and healthy environment. This makes you embrace the Nature readily. The hotel has more than 226 hotel rooms in various styles, over 70% of which face Taihu Lake. With state-of-the-art facilities, the guest rooms are full of postmodernism style and flavor of ancient Wu Kingdom and Yue Kingdom.

  Your stay at the hotel will be a desireable choice for your business meeting and recreation.   

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