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The Source of Huangpu River - Longwangshan Mountain
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 The Source of Huangpu River---- Longwangshan Mountain



  The source of Huangpu River is located in Longwangshan Mountain Nature Reserve in Anji, Zhejiang. , with a height of 1587.4 meters, its peak is the highest in the North Zhejiang and the Yangtze River Delta area in East China. The Longwangshan Mountain is rich in primeval forest, peaks, rocks, streams, green ponds and other natural landscapes. There, the air is fresh, the water is pure and the environment is quiet and graceful. It has various humanistic landscape resources, such as the ecological environment, landscape resources, historic sites, myth, and legendary tales. Its characteristic is rich, wild, pure and risky, elegant and open. These natural resources make up the unique combination of “Longwang Top 9 Scene”: the source of Huangpu River,Songfeng natural moat, Deep and Remote Gorge, etc.

  In 1999, after the experts’ investigation, Longwangshan Mountain was recognized as “The source of Huangpu River” by Shanghai Geographical Society .The former mayor of Shanghai Mr. Wang Daohan entitled it “The source of Huangpu River” in person.

  The mountain contains rich eco-environmental resources. It has more than 1400 kinds of plant species belonging to 654 families, 156 categories. 10 new records of plant distribution are unique in Zhejiang. Additionally, it has 23 kinds of the first and second national protected plants, 200 kinds of ornamental plants and 162 kinds of medicinal plants. The cherry blossoms and the azalea all over the mountains in spring, the sea of clouds in summer, all the mountains’ turning red in autumn and the ice and snow world in winter are the four wonders of Longwangshan Mountain. Apart from that, many kinds of national or provincial protected animals also live in Longwangshan Mountain, such as the leopard, sika deer and big tree frog and so on.

   Address: Changtan Village, Zhangchun Town, Anji

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