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Former Residence of Zhang Shiming
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 Former Residence of Zhang Shiming


  Former Residence of Zhang Shiming, a cultural & historic site listed under state protection, lies in Nanxun Town, Huzhou. The residence is also called Yidetang. It faces the east and the ancient Xuxi River in front. The total area of the residence is 6,500 square meters, the building area is 7,000 square meters and there are four lines with five rooms in a line, with 150 rooms of Chinese and Western style. It is the classical building group combined the east with the west, which keeps the original luxurious house with Ming and Qing Dynasty style. The residence is rich in historical meaning and architectural culture. The main style is Ming and Qing Dynasty, combining with European architectural style, which has the merit with arts, architecture and culture. Because its grand scale, luxurious decoration and classical are rare in the south of Yangtze River, many historians call it “The No. 1 House in the south of Yangtze River”.

   Address: Nanxun Ancient Town, Huzhou, Zhejiang

   Tel: 0572-3069605

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