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Former Residence of Zhang Jingjiang
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 Former Residence of Zhang Jingjiang


  Former Residence of Zhang Jingjiang, listed as cultural & historic relics under state protection, lies in Nanxun Town, Huzhou. Also called Zundengtang, it was built in 1898 by his grandfather—Zhang Songxian (Zhuzhai), one of the so-called “four elephants in Nanxun.”

  Zhang Jingjiang (1877-1950), who is the close political ally of Sun Yet-sen, other names are Zengcheng, Renjie. His Buddhism name are Yinguang and Wochan. He was born in one of the four richest family in Nanxun.

  Zhang Jingjiang, one of the four patriarchs of Kuomintang, was elected as one of the central executive committee members in the first national congress of Kuomintang, and he was the acting chairman of Zhejiang in Kuomintang government. The residence keeps the traditional architectural style, which is a courtyard with three lines and five rooms and one hall in a line. And between lines, there is a patio and a straight lane for stopping fire, and will be higher than the former line, which is commonly referred to rise step by step. The residence shows luxurious, primitively simple, deep and serene traditional style.

    Scenic Spot Ranking: 3A

    Address: No. 108 of East Street, Nanxun Town, Huzhou, Zhejiang


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