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Anji Jiangnan Tianchi Scenic Area
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    Anji Jiangnan Tianchi Scenic Area, a.k.a Tianhuangping Scenic Area, lies in the southeast of Anji County. It is a national industrial tourism demonstration spot and a provincial-level place of interest. Currently, it is the largest pumped-storage power station in Asia and the world’s second largest of this kind. Seen from the sky, the reservoir on the top of Tianhuangping resembles a huge outer-space aircraft stopping in the bamboo forest.

  The abundant tourism resources include a sea of bamboos, as well as creeks here and there. The Daxi Canyon here is 9-kilometer long with tall hills on both sides. At the bottom, the water converges to the reservoir. Additionally, we have the only outdoor skiing field in Southeast China. Because of it, this creates the miracle of outer skiing field in the south of Yangtze River Delta.

Address: Tianhuangping Town, Anji County.

    Tel: 0572—5041858   Ticket Price: 50 yuan

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